Feel Good ~ Paint Pottery

Erie PA’s #1 Pottery Painting studio since 2004!  Relaxing & hip DIY studio located in the West Erie Plaza.  Great rates to paint for kids & adults of all ages, babies too!  Offering hundreds of functional, trendy and stylish ceramic choices.  Your painted pottery is fired in our kilns and will be ready for for pickup in 7 days.  Stop by to look around or check out our website to see more.

Paint Pottery Tile Sign on Wall at Claytopia Erie PA

So Many Pieces!

We’re proud to always offer tons of pottery pieces for you to choose from. Choosing what to paint is often the most challenging part.

Dishware, bowls, mugs & cups, platters & servers, vases & planters, figurines, banks, boxes, trendy designs for home accents, seasonal and holiday pieces. You name we have it!

Walk-ins are welcome daily for pottery painting, no reservations needed. Please allow yourself at least an hour before closing to paint.

Read below to see what’s trending in studio now!

Now Offering Shipping Options

Don’t know when you’ll be back in town to pick up your finished pieces? Looking to have your finished pieces sent to someone else? Looking to paint pottery with friends or family from out of town? Shipping may be a perfect option for you.

We ship in two different sizes. If it fits, we’re happy to ship. Perfect for the holidays or any day.

Pottery Pieces highlighted at the Studio now

It’s always the perfect time to plan for fun times and memory making on your own or with family and friends. Whether you’re looking to paint for or with the kiddos or thinking to add some new details to decorate your home, Claytopia is a relaxing and calm place to paint!

Platters, Bowls, trendy mugs & plates, figurines for adults and kids are always a hit and always in stock for you! We love to see new pieces too so always feel free to pop in to see what’s new to you!

Adorable Baby Holding a Footprinted Mug

Pottery painting at the studio is perfect for family fun time! And, you get another treat when you return to pick up your finished piece(s). We always have new and fun ceramic pieces for you. Stop in anytime to see what’s new on the shelves.

Handprints and Footprints on ceramics are always a perfect option for grandparents and parents from squirmy little ones to teens! We’ve seen very detailed ones or ones printed quickly with a couple details and it’s always admired when it’s painted by you!

Claytopia Erie PA Pottery