Feel Good ~ Paint Pottery

Happy Smiling Family Painting Pottery at Claytopia in Erie PA

Looking for family friendly entertainment for all ages and skill levels in our area?

As Erie PA’s #1 Pottery Painting and Canvas Class studio since 2004, Claytopia’s got you covered!

We’re a relaxing & hip DIY studio located in the West Erie Plaza with great rates -you even end up with a personalized keepsake!

Claytopia paint pottery in Erie PA Outdoor View
Watch! Come on in
Happy 20th Anniversary Claytopia Pottery Painting in Erie PA
Thanks for painting with us for 20 years!
Paint Pottery Tile Sign on Wall at Claytopia Erie PA

✅ Huge Pottery selection ranging from $5 to $99.  Average cost per person is $20. Simplified Pricing – Pottery prices include paint & kiln firing.

🖌Bowls 🖌Mugs 🖌Platters 🖌Servers 🖌Vases 🖌Planters 🖌Figurines 🖌Banks 🖌Boxes

Seasonal & Holiday – You name we have it!

✅ Tons of glaze Color choices including speckle and specialty glaze.

🖌Non-toxic 🖌Washable 🖌Food safe

Paint! No experience needed, fun for all ages!

🖌Average paint time =1 to 1.5 hours

🖌Uncompleted projects can be wrapped for a return visit to complete for no extra fee.

🖌Walk-ins welcome, no reservations needed.

Read below to learn more and snag a freebie!

An incredible place to go for a date or a fun night out. You can be an artist, or not at all, and still have a great time painting pottery. The owner is really kind and passionate about her work and the work of others.

Here you don’t have to bring your own piece or paint, all is supplied (the pottery for a small fee) and off you are to let your creative mind go and create a wonderful piece for your home or maybe even as a gift to a friend or loved one. If you have time to kill or are looking for something to do, you cannot go wrong with claytopia.

A.A. Local Guide

Meet the Team

Welcome to Claytopia! We can’t wait to show you around the studio and assist you with your creative experience.

Always feel free to reach out with any questions or comments, we’re happpy to answer them ASAP. Thank you for getting creative with us, we love seeing your pieces come through the kilns!

L/R Christy, Karen, Heather, Leanne, Caitlin, Connie, Johanna

Claytopia Erie PA Owner Interview
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Adorable Baby Holding a Footprinted Mug

Pottery painting at the studio is perfect for family fun time! And, you get another treat when you return to pick up your finished piece(s). We always have new and fun ceramic pieces for you. Stop in anytime to see what’s new on the shelves.

Handprints and Footprints on ceramics are always a perfect option for grandparents and parents from squirmy little ones to teens! We’ve seen very detailed ones or ones printed quickly with a couple details and it’s always admired when it’s painted by you!

“My favorite place. The owners and employees are the nicest people you ever want to meet. If you want to relax and forget about the world for a couple hours this the place. Go there and paint a ceramic. Most satisfying time.”

J.C. Google

Don’t know when you’ll be back in town to pick up your finished piece? Looking to have your finished piece sent to someone else? Looking to paint pottery with friends or family from out of town? Shipping may be a perfect option for you.

We offer one size for shipping. If it fits with room for packing material to keep it safe, we can ship within the US. Perfect for the holidays or any day. *Insurance included up to $100.

We’re seeing fruit being painted on pottery all the time! This fun idea even includes a handprint.
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