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About Us

Adirty brushest Claytopia, we’re happy to be a part of the Erie community, offering you a FUN outlet to express your creative talents since 1999, under current ownership since 2004!

WE tile paint

We enjoy answering your questions about pottery painting and are happy to give you ideas, tips and tricks along the way if you need them.  We’re lucky to get to see all of your masterpieces as they come out of the kilns.  People in Erie really have a lot of talent!

Feel free to give us a call, stop in or send us an email if you have any comments or questions and most of all HAPPY PAINTING!

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Please enjoy these artistic “Words of Wisdom” from some of us at Claytopia!

clay-beachL/R  Karen, Christy, Heather, Stephanie, Johanna, Leanne, Caitlin, & Phil

  • “Thank you, Erie, for allowing Claytopia to be a part of your creative outlet and family fun for the past 12 years.  Celebrate something today!” ~ Johanna


  • “What I like most about art is that anyone can create it.  Give a paintbrush or a crayon to a toddler and they will make a masterpiece.” ~ Stephanie


  • “I have enjoyed  getting to know the kids at story time and am excited to watch their creativity grow.  I look forward to meeting new story time friends and have fond memories of those who have moved on to school.”  ~ Karen


  • “Being  creative is good for the soul.  I’ve had several people say to me, “This must be a great job.”  I just smile and say “Yeah it is!” Creating really should be about the process although it’s very cool when your piece turns out like you envisioned it!  When it doesn’t turn out as you’d hoped, mosaic it!” ~ Leanne


  • “Art is a big part of our lives.  Whether it’s the clothes we wear, the building we work in or the movies we watch, someone imagined that and without it life would be pretty boring to look at.” ~ Caitlin


  • “My favorite part about teaching canvas classes is helping others find the artist inside themselves. Every one of us has some creativity just waiting to come out and Claytopia is the perfect place to set it free”. ~ Heather


  •  “I am a lover of art in all its forms and I’ve tried my hand at many of them. What I love about painting pottery at Claytopia is how it brings art down to a level of practicality and usefulness.  Whether they’re cups you drink your morning coffee from, plates you serve your guests upon, special pieces you pack away with care and unwrap year after year to bring a spirit of festivity as you adorn your home for the holidays, painting pottery is an art form both ordinary and extraordinary.”  ~ Christy