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Acrylic Paint

Why Paint with Acrylics?

* You can take your piece home with you the same day it’s painted.

* No firing time is necessary.

* Perfect for out-of-town painters, last minute painters or when you just don’t want to wait a week.

* The Paint color is visible as you paint. What you see is what you get.

* We’ll show you how to paint with acrylics, it’s easy and our paints and sealant are also non-toxic.

How are Acrylic Paints Different than Fired Colors?

* Acrylic pieces are NOT food-safe – decorative only.

* Acrylic pieces will NOT hold water.

* While acrylic paint is easily washable while painting, it MAY STAIN clothing. Be careful.

Acrylic Paint Studio Fee:

Regular Studio fees apply: $6/hour per Adult and $4/hour per Child

* For no extra charge, we will provide you with a sealant to apply at home for extra shine if you’d like, just ask! You’re also welcome to paint with our underglaze paints instead of or with the acrylics if you prefer the lighter color.

Acrylic To Go kits are also available for your convenience, just ask!

Acrylic To-Go kits are also available for your convenience, just ask!