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Artisan & Sprinkles

Looking to add a different creative look to your piece?  Give one of these fun glaze choices a try!

Artisan Glazes result in a “flatter” look.  Since these glazes will NOT be over-glazed, the extra shine will not be there.  These glazes result in a more “pottery” feel. These glazes will be food-safe when 2 coats are applied.  A mug, for example, will hold water (or a beverage!) when coated inside and out with 2-3 coats.  These glazes, however, are not recommended for vases for other than decorative use only.

Artisans are able to be used together to achieve a fun look.  Artisans also will work with our regular underglaze colors but remember that no over-glaze will be applied.  Please ask for these glazes as we keep them separate.


Sprinkles glazes work well with our regular underglaze colors and will be over-glazed as usual.  Enjoy painting your entire piece with Sprinkles or just use for finishing touches, the choice is yours!  These choices are kept on our paint bar.  Have fun experimenting!