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Get Artistic with Mosaics!

Want to try an Open Mosaic class with Leanne?  March classes are available 3/7 OR 3/25 from 6:00-8:00. $19/mosaic includes all instruction and materials to create the design you choose! Please pre-register.  Fun for all ages but under 8 requires an adult to supervise please. Claytopia Classes

This lovely mosaic was created by a recent class attendee.  She brought along some pieces to incorporate into her mosaic and board to add yet another personal touch.  Love it! ❤

Mosaics are an artful and enjoyable way to express your creativity!  Choose your design, choose your pieces (don’t worry, you can choose from lots of ideas and piece colors) and have fun creating. Each board style includes holes in the back for hanging or board can sit freely.

Grout will be given at the class with simple instructions to complete your mosaic st home a day or 2 after creating. No worries, this part is simple and it’s so cool to see the design you envisioned come to life completely!  Like painting pottery, the final product is your final reward!

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