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Use this simple technique to paint the popular “Chevron” pattern on pottery!

The sample below was made using standard masking tape which we have on hand at Claytopia for you to use.  If you’d like a smaller tape, feel free to cut this size in half or bring in the size tape you prefer.

*This technique tends to work best on flat surfaces but feel free to experiment!


Select your bisque piece(s).

Add tape lines across your piece as shown above, leaving space if you desire.
chevron3Tape along as much of your piece as you choose. chevron4 Remove excess tape on ends, press firmly along each piece of tape and smooth down at edges.

Tape again, this time going in the opposite direction as before.

Complete the reverse taping, smoothing and finishing edges as before.
chevron7Using a pencil, mark the tape lines that will be removed for the chevron pattern.  Carefully remove the tape with a utility knife (we have one at Claytopia)! chevron8 Continue removing your Chevron pattern tape lines.
chevron9 Select your paint colors and get ready to paint! chevron10
Paint your desired number of coats of paint.
*The sample shown has 2 coats of each color.
chevron11When the paint is dry, carefully peel away the tape and touch up any areas as needed and apply finishing details. chevron12 Leave your finished masterpiece(s) with us for firing.