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Layered Dots

04This is definitely the most copied design we’ve ever found….Layered dots!

This is a simple technique, but it does take time. First, choose your piece…while our sample is a plate, it can look great on anything, and we’ve seen it on many different pieces! Start with 2-3 coats of your base color. Again, we used black, but as always, it’s up to you! Let this dry for about 15 minutes. Then, bring on the color!

Pick 5 or 6 colors you want to use for the dots (or more!) *You don’t need much paint, ½ a paint-well per color should be fine.

Use the back of a fat paintbrush to do the first layer of dots. We suggest starting with about 10 dots of each color, all over the surface. If you think you need more, add more!

Once you like the number of dots you have, let them dry until they have a chalky, matte finish, rather than a glossy, wet shine.

Add your next layer of dots with the back end of a smaller paintbrush. Mix up the colors so you have a more colorful, decorative piece! Let them dry just like you did the first dots. Finally, use an even smaller paintbrush to make the final dots on the top of the other two sizes. You can fill-in if you need to.

Leave it for us to glaze and fire and pick up your piece in a week!