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Paint Pass

Have a lot of painting planned? A paint pass is for you!

$18 per person for 1 month
$25 per person for 2 months
$30 per person for 3 months

Or, save even more with a Family Pass…

Add $10 per person to the initial paint pass price.
For example, a 1 month paint pass for 2 would be $28 and so on…
Bye-bye studio fees!

funky bowl

A Pass is great for someone who wants to spend a lot of time on painting a particular piece.  Why rush to get done to complete your project in 1 hour when your results could be much more pleasing to you with a little more time.  A paint pass saves $ for many if they know they’ll be returning to finish their piece.

A paint pass is great for someone who is planning to paint a large number of gifts for Christmas, for example.  We have a huge amount of pottery to choose from.  A paint pass allows you more time to paint the pieces you like!  Looking to try several painting ideas?  A paint pass will allow you plenty of time to do so.

Looking to complete a dish set for yourself or someone else?  This is sure to be a money saver for you.  Determine your needs and find which level works best for you.