Specials and To Go Kits

Mighty Tot and Flower Fun Acrylic Mailed To-Go Kits

Great for Gift giving and mailed fun!

These to-go kits include the Mighty Tot pieces shown (each piece measures apx. 2″) and will be mailed directly to your mailbox, shipping cost is included! What a fun treat for you or as a surprise gift for your special someone! Several options are available, click on the links to see details and to order yours today. Each kit includes 3 brushes and 8 paint colors (Red, Yellow, Blue, Green, Purple, Pink, Black & White). *Please note: acrylic paints won’t be fired in the kiln and may stain clothing or furniture, please cover your surface that you’ll be painting on. Kits marked out of stock will be resupplied asap, e-mail with any questions.

Paint at Home Glaze/Kiln Fired To Go Kits

Glaze Color Choices
Sprinkle Glaze Choices

Popular Pottery Glaze & Fire kits! Studio Pick-up/Drop off *Easy to order, colors chosen when ordering, kiln firing included!

You Choose Bisque! Studio Pick-up/Drop off *Pottery and Glaze colors & amounts purchased when ordering, kiln firing included!

Priced as Marked by Shelf Color Coding: Purple-$15/piece, Green-$10/piece, Yellow-$20/piece
Bottom Shelf L-R
Lighted Tree Attached Base 9″X5″: $62.00 Whimsy Tree Dish: $15.00 Snowman Votive: $21.00 Lighted Tree attached base 11″X 5.55″ $65.00 Tannenbaum Tree Sm 6″: $14.00 Nativity Scene: $25.00 Tree with Light Kit Med. 2 piece 9″: $57.00
Holiday Pieces
Top 3 Shelves: Paint Pals: $11/each Hand Detailed Ornaments: $7/each Egg 3.5″H: $10.00 Emoji Egg: $7/each Ornaprint Square/Round: $12.00 Flat Back Ornaments: $6/each
Faceted Animals: Bear, Elephant, Fox: $40/each Moonbeam Fairy Lantern: $24.00 Unicorn Lantern: $25.00 Snail Lantern: $35.00 Pineapple Lantern: $24.00 Leaf Lantern: $29.00 Owl Votive: $35.00 Tea for One: $28.00 Teacup & Saucer: $19.00 Chevron Box: $17.00 4th Shelf Down: Fun Favorites specialty Banks, Boxes/etc: $16/each Large Marvel Banks: $30/each
Waveware Platter: $42.00 Square Platter 12.5″: $30.00 Fish Luminary: $45.00 Waveware Dinner Plate: $23.00 Monstera Mug: $25.00 Large Vase 8″: $29.00 Couple Figurine: $10.00 Tile 6″: $6/each Tile 4″: $4/each Double Switchplate: $14.00 Message Frame: $25.00 Angel Tealight Holder: $15.00 Tribal Vase: $20.00 Hurricane Vase: $20.00 Sun Plaque: $17.00 Tile-embossed- Feathers, Dragon, Butterfly, Skull: $12.00
Lantern for Glass Painting: $29.00 3rd Shelf down-Specialty Bowls: $21/each 4th Shelf down-Coupe/Rimmed Salad Plates, Cereal Bowls, Traditional Mugs: $10/each Unicorn Plaque Lg: $34.00 House Plate: $28.00 Baroque Owl “coloring plate”: $19.00 Spoiled Rotten Dog “coloring plate: $21.00
Rimmed Platter: $35.00 Chip & Dip: $29.00 Magnificent Succulent: $14.00 Dog/Cat Salt & Pepper Set: $15.00 Frog Sponge Holder: $17.00 Wine Tumbler: $12.00 Mermaid Tail Ring Holder: $11.00 Flamingo Ring Holder: $11.00 Specialty Drinkware: $15.00 Curvy Letters: $9.00 Metropolitan Dinner Plate: $20.00 Condiment Dish Wavy: $10.00 Ball Lantern: $35.00 T-Rex Plaque: $34.00 Dragon Plaque: $33.00 Faceted Dragon: $51.00 Monster Truck Bank: $24.00
Fire Truck Bank: $24.00 Train Bank: $24.00 
Pemberley Tray: $47.00 Round Coupe Platter: $35.00 Succulent 5″: $15.00 Country Cactus: $12.00
Lighted Cactus: $62.00 Cactus Ring Holder: $11.00 Castle Mug: $20.00 Flamingo Mug: $20.00
Narwhal Mug: $20.00 Camper Mug: $20.00 Travel Mug w/lid: $22.00 Mermaid Tail Mug: $20.00 Sloth Mug: $20.00 Zombie Shot Glass: $7.00 Fairy Door: $20.00 Topper: $5.00 Container: $34.00 Pigosaurus Bank: $38.00
Faceted Dragon: $51.00 Whimsical Clock (w/parts): $50.00 Faceted Bear: $40.00 Lighted Cactus: $62.00 Tin Ceiling Salad Plate: $16.00 Coupe Plate Lg: $17.00 Couple Plate Med: $12.00 Rimmed Plate Lg: $17.00 Rimmed Plate Med.: $12.00 Utensil Holder: $21.00 Square Coupe Salad: $11.00 Pet Bowl Lg: $36.00 Tortoise: $24.00 Faceted Unicorn: $43.00 Faithful Pet Rock: $50.00

Glazed and Kiln Fired Mailed To Go Kits

These to-go kits include the pieces shown and will be mailed directly to your mailbox, shipping cost is included! What a fun treat for you or as a surprise gift for your special someone! Each kit includes studio brushes and 2 oz. bottles of the glaze colors shown (sorry, no exceptions on colors). When you’re finished, these pieces can brought back to Claytopia to be fired in the kiln (no additional charge)!  All glazes are washable and non-toxic and pieces will be safe to use as dinnerware after kiln firing.  Colors show best after firing when light colors are applied first, then dark colors.  Please e-mail with any questions.

Tuesday Nights

Tuesday nights are 1/2 price studio fee!

Thursday Nights

Every Thursday is Ladies Night at Claytopia! Pay only a $6 studio fee plus the price of your bisque every Thursday evening. Bring your own snacks and drinks (BYOB beer or wine is welcome too) and grab your friends for a fun & creative night out!  Yes, men ARE welcome too 🙂

Baby Footprint Coupon

Congratulations to you!  Send us an e-mail (including your new babies name and birth date) and we’ll be happy to provide you a coupon for your little one under 1 year of age with a FREE 4″ baby footprint tile to paint.  *One coupon per baby please.

College Student Discount

Show your current college i.d. at checkout to receive 10% off your purchase!

Erie Zoo

Show your current Erie Zoo membership at checkout and we’ll donate 10% of your entire purchase to the Erie Zoo.  Paint a tortoise and we’ll donate your studio fee to the Erie Zoo since Claytopia sponsors this animal at the zoo.  Thanks for your support!

ExpERIEnce Children’s Museum

Show your current ExpERIEnce Children’s Museum membership card at checkout and we’ll donate 10% of your purchase to the museum.  Select a fox bank to paint and we’ll donate your studio for painting that piece to the museum!  Thanks for your support.

Paint Passes

Have a lot of painting planned?  A paint pass can save you lots of $$$! With your paint pass, you pay only for your bisque purchased and are studio fee free for the duration of your pass!

Paint Pass Pricing for Individuals (child or adult)

1 Month Pass – $18

2 Month Pass – $25

3 Month Pass – $30

Annual Paint Pass $75

Paint Pass Pricing for Families

Family members pay an additional $10/person in addition to the time period purchase price by the original pass purchaser.  *Passes are non transferable and will expire 30, 60, 90 days or one year from the date purchased.

Holidays and Other Specials

Be sure to check the calendar regularly for other specials! We often have specials for certain holidays or just for fun!