Paint To-Go Kits

Glaze/Kiln Fired Paint at Home Pre-assembled Kits

Ring Holder Glaze & Fire To Go Kits
*Pre-assembled Grab & Go *Available for purchase in studio only. 5 Choices as shown.
Traditional Mug To Go Kit *Sample shown, colors chosen upon ordering
Handprint Set Plate *Sample shown, colors chosen upon ordering

Flower Fun Acrylic Mailed To-Go Kits

Great for Gift giving and mailed fun!

This Flower to-go kit includes the Flower Magnet pieces shown (each piece measures apx. 2″) and will be mailed directly to your mailbox, shipping cost is included! What a fun treat for you or as a surprise gift for your special someone! Each kit includes 3 brushes and 8 paint colors (Red, Yellow, Blue, Green, Purple, Pink, Black & White). *Please note: acrylic paints won’t be fired in the kiln and may stain clothing or furniture, please cover your surface that you’ll be painting on. Kits marked out of stock will be resupplied asap, e-mail with any questions.

You Choose Bisque! Studio Pick-up/Drop off *Pottery and Glaze colors & amounts purchased when ordering, kiln firing included! Give us a call or stop in to order, pick up 24 hours later!