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Stamps on Pottery

flower stamps sample


Stamps are fun, easy to use, and can really help to put the finishing touches on your piece!  Simply paint your piece as you choose, select your stamps, apply paint to the stamp with a brush or sponge, dab off any extra paint on a paper towel, and stamp your piece.

You’re always able to fill in any part of the stamped area with a small brush if it doesn’t cover completely.  It’s a work of art!

Flat Rubber Stamps


– Lay stamp flat on a piece of paper towel.

– Add a small amount of paint to a flat palette.

– Dip a dry sponge-on-a-stick in paint, pat off excess on palette.

– Lightly dab sponge on raised design only.

– Apply stamp to piece gently.  Lightly press each area of stamp to piece, being careful not to press too hard, assuring full coverage.

– Lift stamp straight up to remove.

– If only looking to use part of a flat stamp, only coat that of the stamp before using.

– When base coat is dry, paint in desired color.