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It’s simple to use stickers to help you create the perfect design on your bisque piece!

First, select your bisque piece(s).
Next, select your stickers and press firmly to your bare bisque piece, smoothing all edges evenly. We have the stickers shown above for you to use (some lowercase and upper case letters, numbers and miscellaneous stickers), just ask!

Life is better...

If you have stickers at home that you’d like to use or want to be assured that we have the letters you’d like, feel free to bring in your own.

*Many of the commonly used letters tend to run out quickly.

Finally, paint over your stickers in the colors of your choice (being careful to cover all of the edges) This is a great activity (as shown above) to use with young kids too as they can randomly add a lot of color and still end up with a clean design!
When you are finished painting your piece, carefully peel off your stickers with a pin (yes, we have them!) and admire your painted piece! *It is helpful to count your stickers to be sure that you remove all of them.