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Classes & Kids

Looking for A FUN guided project? 

Check out the story times & classes for kids and adults listed below!  All Classes are pre-registration only.  More class info. follows at bottom of page.   Call, stop in, or register on-line below.

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Summer Class Schedule Below

Creative FUN in a COOL spot for you!

Click HERE to reserve your spot!  Great deals come with all classes.   All classes are appropriate for kids and adults.  Please e-mail or call if you have any specific questions.


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Mosaics with Leanne

Create a mosaic design of your choice. Leanne will explain, offer ideas and provide guidance to create! $19/person includes all materials and info. for class time.  If a more challenging design is chosen and more time is needed to complete, $6/hour studio fee will be charged for return visit.  All ages welcome but under 8 requires an adult.

Specialty Glaze Class with Karen

Join Karen at Claytopia to paint your piece with these lovely specialty glazes.  While we’re not often able to use specialty glazes, this is one of the nights we are allowed to play!

Choose your piece, select your color ideas and experiment & paint to create your unique piece!  $10 + the price of your piece includes all instruction, materials & firing.

Responsible BYOB is welcome!

Dot Design Technique Class with Karen

We love dots as a pottery painting technique!  Karen will show you how to best use dots using tools to create the dots of your choice!  Design and color choices will be the trickiest part before you get to settle in for the relaxing phase of dotting!  $10 + the piece of your choice includes all materials, class time and studio fees.  Responsible BYOB is welcome!

*All Summer classes not listed individually below include the price of the select piece(s), instruction & Studio Fees.

Castle Mug  with Add-On with Christy

Looking for a fun time out for your favorite princess or prince?

Both pieces are painted (castle mug and princess or dragon).  What a deal! The add on piece can fit easily inside the mug or perch on the handle, such a fun set!  $20/set includes all materials and studio fees for one person.  A princess or dragon is available (see photo) just let us know when registering.

Donut and Drink Duo Family Paint with Christy

Register now to have a fun, family evening out with your favorite donut fan!

Both pieces are painted. The perfect set for Mom and child, Dad and child, fun with a grandparent!  You choose the combo to paint this dynamic & delicious duo!

$20/set includes all materials and studio fees for up to two people.

Succulent Classes with Christy

Do you love the look of succulents and enjoy the ease of caring for them?  Christy has been donned the title of “the Succulent Queen” at Claytopia due to her knowledge and love of these adorable plants!

She’s come up with some fun & simple classes for kids & adults to help you enjoy the beauty of a succulent in your own home!  Take a look at the classes offered and join one to see what all the excitement is about!

Polymer Clay Class with Melissa

Whoooo wants to join Melissa to learn how to make these adorable polymer clay owls and to create some of your own owl friends??

All ages welcome and no experience required! You will be able to take your creations home with you, but please bring a plastic container to keep them safe so you can bake them in your own oven (simple instructions provided). $15/person includes all instruction and materials.

Story times with Karen

Join us to listen to stories and to paint a related piece!  All story times 10:30. Appropriate for all ages.  $7/painter includes all materials.

  Kid’s Special Paint with Karen

Looking for something fun & creative to do with kids?  Join Karen at Claytopia to paint, try a new technique and to be creative!  Registered adults are welcome to this deal too!  After preregistering, stop in anytime during class hours to paint.

Summer Kid’s Paints leave painting options up to you!  Registered participants only.  Choose your piece/pricing option from the list below.   Prices apply for 1 or 2 painters.  Studio fees are included in price for event time slot. Price selection can be chosen at the class.

  •  Choice of two $9 shelf pieces = $15 + tax
  • Choice of 1 $9 + 1 $14 piece = $20 + tax
  • Choice of 2 $14 shelf pieces = $25 + tax